Monday, April 18, 2011

Down to 5 & Spring Break with Snow?

I am back down to a mere 5 kids. LOL!  The little one that I was doing respite with went back today with very little fanfare. It's funny how 1 kid gone makes the house so much quieter.

We are suppose to start our spring break this week, but with us waking up to snow this morning and rain planned for the rest of the week, it kinda dampens my plans.

Last year we went to our first Easter egg hunts at local churches. The kids hated it! We decided to have our own this year, so I have about 70 plastic eggs filled with stickers, candy and trinkets.

7th grade is the owner of a brand new C**lpix S3000 Nik*n Digital camera and she got a pretty good deal on it. She babysat for 3 weeks and earned a nice amount of pay. Lots of pics with googly eyes to come. ~Smile~


Miss Kim said...

Hope you are blessed with a great Easter, and fantastidc Holy Week! Love you all.

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

I think your snow is coming here. Thanks. It is supposed to snow storm in the next few hours and last until tomorrow. If the kids have another snow day, well........... it's not going to be pretty.
Have fun on your spring break and egg hunt!

Life Adapted said...

Have a supperdupper hunt and Easter! Can't wait to see new pictures of your dear family!

Be blessed!