Tuesday, January 29, 2013


So much going on that I have been to busy to document.

Entertaining Angels is going strong and getting bigger and bigger. In January we served 30 families and had 6 or 7 new families sign up. We had to come use a new system of distribution this last month as it was just us working. It actually seemed to work pretty good as we did not use "runners" but just laid everything out on the table. We still ran out of things fairly quickly. By 12:17 pm we were down to just a few bars of soap and a couple of toothbrushes. It had been like that for 3 months.... running out of things within the first 15 minutes. I am in talks right now the treasurer of the church to see what kind of budget we can work with. We now have 397 people that have been serviced by this ministry!

We have been working hard to finish units this last month. There are 10 units per course and we still have a few children in their 3rd or 4th unit in 1 or more classes. We are fast approaching our mid-year mark and trying to increase their speed a bit. Mostly I like them to go a a slow pace to be sure that they understand what they are doing, but I think they are capable of going a bit faster. We have just gotten into the habit of snail pacing. Time to shift gears a bit.

Speaking of mid-year...it is time for progress reports cards. I think grades are due by Thursday. So much to do.

Jordan was invited to her first homecoming prom! OH MY GOODNESS!!!!  The search for a dress was on with me looking for a vintage, Victorian style with a high neck, long sleeves and a non-clinging bodice  LOL! let's just say that they don't sell those kind of dresses in the mall. Jordan tends to be modest....mostly, but the choices of clothes on the market now days makes it difficult not to compromise in some areas. The prom is being held at one of the private schools in this town that have the strictest dress code (i.e. girls only wear dresses and skirts, boys ties, no tennis shoes for anyone...) We finally found a dress that is perfect for her and purchased it off the rack, no alterations needed!  Next was shoes, pantyhose, and undergarments. She found the shoes...adorable. The rest is still in the works. The dress has to be approved before she can attend. We are taking the dress over to the school today (Tuesday). One of the other mothers told me that they will be taking a picture of the dress because in the past some girls have gotten a dress approved and then shown up in a different dress. Ha! kids....

The Valentine bowling party is coming up. We have not decided if we are going to be able to make it.

Funny story: We had a long day of running errands, shopping and other business. My mom was with me and we were trying to decide what to do about dinner as it was late and we had not planned very well. Jordan mentioned wanting a shake and my mom whispered to me:

The Nana: "Let's let them have ice cream for dinner."
Me: "Oh yea let's just let them have stomach aches!"
The Nana: "They don't mind having stomachs aches. They want one!"
Kids from back seat: "We want a stomach ache!"
Joshua, "I want a stomach ache!"

And so...they did!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Jackson's Test

I haven't posted school work in a while so we are getting back to that. Anytime someone gets an 100% on a test, it will get posted on the blog (if mommy remembers and the scanner and computer are on speaking terms)

Sunday, January 6, 2013

"Yes it's over...call it a day..."

Our extended Christmas break was WONDERFUL!!! We played games, slept in and ate great meals together. We had huge fires in the fire pit and laughed at the absurdness of sitting outside in boots and winter clothes, sweating around a campfire! We did an emergency respite that had all the kids praying for a bigger house so that we could adopt again. GASP! For about 3 nights, I pulled out the sleeper sofa in the living room and we all slept out there watching Christmas movies until very late at night. The kids really loved that and want to make that a regular activity. Maybe for special occasions.

We will start back to school on Monday, Jan. 7th. Most have said that they are not ready to go back to school yet. Jeanna says that she is ready, but the others say, "not yet" Today I asked the boys to straighten the school room and sharpen new pencils for everyone and I noticed that they were showing signs of a bit of excitement after being in there for a bit. My plan is to start kinda slow and break as soon as anyone shows any distress. At this point... I am the one in trouble as I have loved my naps and will find them hard to give up.

Hope you all had a great holiday and smooth transition into the new year.