Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Entertaining Angels Stats

One year ago this month, Jordan had her first meeting with the pastor of our church to discuss starting a personal needs closet. He was very impressed and approved her idea and she had her first distribution in January 2011. Here we are one year later and to date we have served 51 families, 130 individuals. Jordan has purchased over $565 worth of toilet paper, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, feminine hygiene, combs, Vaseline, razors, laundry soap, etc with over $420 worth of donations from friends, both virtual and real-life. Thank you all!!!!

We have met so many wonderful people who have come for free needs.... many with stories of the struggles of providing for their family's basic needs. Every month I have had the privilege of hugging an individual that just happened to make a wrong turn down the street that the church was on or saw the kids on the sidewalk out front, waving their signs and waving to those that pass by and came in and started talking about struggles with behaviors they are facing. I always tell them how happy I am that God led them there that day.

Toilet paper, ya'll. Toilet paper has led to so many wonderful opportunities to share. And I am so proud of Jordan. She has such a wonderful heart for the homeless and those in need.

This last week we had 24 families that came for personal needs with 17 of them being first time families. As we were adding the new addresses to the data base, she was discussing ways to increase our goods to be able to provide for more people. You see, last week we had to close early and turn 2 families away because we ran out of goods. Broke.our.hearts! For this new year, we hope to be able to double our purchases so that we can serve everyone that comes to our door.