Monday, February 6, 2012

Dolls & Job Interviews


The interview went very well. Both parents did it together and they were very impressed with how she handled herself. Jordan had typed up some questions that she wanted to ask and the father kept saying, "Wow, that's a good question!" and he told me that he was impressed that I came in with her, but that I let her do the interview on her own. They asked about me transporting her and I kinda rubbed my hands and told them that Jordan and I had worked out a deal where I will get a small fee for providing transportation. The mom was like, "That is a great life lesson. Nothing comes free."

They decided right there on the spot to hire here and are checking their schedules to determine her start date. My little girl is a workin' woman. LOL! by the way the kids are cute and were very well behaved. I think she will do well.

I used to collect Reborn dolls. I only take them out once a year or so to fluff 'em up and show the kids. They have picked out which one they want me to leave to them in my will. Well this year when I pulled them out, Jordan caught the bug and really thought she was ready to have a reborn of her own. I was not feeling that as they are really meant to be collector dolls and not "played" with and the prices are not cheap. She was very persistent about finding one that she could afford with her own money. I gave my standard answer of, "Let's pray about it."

The next day I was on our homeschool group page and there was a post looking for a "mother's helper". Jordan called to inquire about the position and did a very nice phone interview with the lady. She set up an in-person meeting with the family to meet the kids. She gave a price of $40 per week and the lady thought that was fair. Looks like my little girl is about to earn her own money for something she really wants.

I don't dare give her ideas about silicone babies ~Smile~