Wednesday, September 25, 2013


I was doing some grading on Jordan's laptop last night and many of the answers that I had to send back were open ended questions where she had to type out a whole answers. The reason for sending them back... she did not use real words. I ask her what was going on and she explained that since she texts so much with her friends that when she gets to typing in school, she slips into text talk.

Hmmm. Talk about wordless Wednesday. LOL!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

They Know the Drill

I have an Ohio (or American) Sycamore tree in my yard that is 80+ feet tall. It is the same tree that my brother climbed 30 years ago. At that time, my brother etched his initials in the trunk. The great quest has always been to find those initials.

Today (Saturday) James was climbing the tree and I heard Jeanna say, "James, don't fall out of that tree 'cause Mommy does not want to have to take you to the E.R.!"

She got that right!!!

Sunday, September 15, 2013


We have been so busy that I have had little time to post or document anything.

High school started last week and Pre-kindergarten started back with review and learning a new schedule. He will start his curriculum tomorrow (9/16/13).

We switched from R*setta St*ne Spanish to SOS Spanish due to needing a program that could be used on more than 1 computer at a time. Jordan will take high school Spanish and then she wants to take a half year of French. I think she is taking a photography class as an elective, but I am not sure.

I advertised, interviewed and hired a young lady from our homeschool group to come assist once a week with 1 of my *Twinkies as she is struggling to keep up in a few classes and seems to need just a bit more support. She can do a large majority of her lessons on her own, but once she gets stuck it is hard for her to get back on track. Many times if I let her sit up at my desk, she is confident enough to pull it back together. The problem is that it leaves the other 4 with less easy access to my support. We will try for a month to see how it goes.... should be interesting.

I am very much enjoying this year! I love seeing my kids learn new things and find info that makes them say, "Mommy, did you know......?" with excitement in their voice.