Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Late Blooming

We are finally taking our very late spring break. We wanted to go on vacation for our spring break, but the lake house that we wanted to rent was not available until the last week of April. So today is our last day of school for 1 week as we prepare to go relax in the big ole house. The kids love it because there is so much room and they get to spread out a bit. The house sleeps 18 people and as I mentioned before has 4 bathrooms!

We are planning a "Chopp*d" competition for this weekend where family members will prepare dishes with the ingredients provided. There is already lots of "smack" talk going on. Can't wait! We will also celebrate an early Mother's day as my brother is coming into town and won't be able to come back again in 2 weeks.

I finally found a great set of flash cards for addition, subtraction and multiplication. I plan to take those and an art project with us. Once again, James will probably be the only person that has to do a little school. He just does better with the consistency of plowing through his curriculum without too many breaks in his routine.