Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend Happenings

We had a great weekend. I actually rested on Saturday which was nice. We did rearrange the shed to put the mower in back and bring the snow blower and shovels out to the front, but it was an easy job with many hands helping. We still have so many leaves it is not even funny. The kids did 10 bags of leaves in the front yard alone last week and by Saturday there are easily 7 -8 more bags worth on the ground. The back yard.... Oh My Goodness. We have an Ohio Sycamore Tree that has the biggest leaves. Some have a 14 inch span. Our neighbor has a huge Oak which hangs more in our yard than theirs so we get most of the leaves. So we have quite a few left to rake.

The children took their progress report cards to church yesterday and received signatures from many of the members. It was a nice way for them to be accountable for their school work to others and it was nice to see so many members invested in encouraging the children to do their best.

We use 1 inch white binders for school. The kids keep their schedules, calendar and everything else they need to do school on the run (as we seem to do more than school in the home some weeks). I had a few extra binders, but used the last one to replace a broken one. I got on E-bay to find more and came across an item titled, "1" Heavy-Duty Binders Not Full of Women -- 3-Ring, Clear Overlay, Lot of 12". I fell out laughing! I wrote the seller to tell them how funny it was and they wrote back saying thanks and that he just could not resist. Funny! I still need to find cheap binders.

My Pre-K teacher is ill today so I had to sub for her. ~Smile~

To my local bloggy friend: I am so very sorry and heartbroken for you. I am praying for you and wish you so much Peace!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

6 Week Progress Reports

The time is flying and yet sometimes it feels like we are standing still. Progress reports have gone out and most are very happy. 1 of my 2nd graders does not have enough grades yet, so we are waiting for that.

Jackson is doing well in most areas. Bible verse memorization seems to be more difficult for him this year. Spelling however is a strong area with him earning 100% on all of his spelling test thus far.

James is doing very well this year. History and Geography gives him a bit of trouble as it is so abstract to him, but he is doing better at keeping up this year.

Jordan is having a wonderful year so far, earning a 4.0 GPA for the first marking period. She enjoys New Testament Survey and Science.

Pre-K is coming along nicely. He is very eager to read and has almost mastered his high frequency words list.

Wednesday is Entertaining Angels. We now have approx. 274 people on our list and are now purchasing between 300 and 400 items each month. It is an amazing and wonderful experience. certainly bigger than we ever imagined.

Moving along....

Monday, October 8, 2012

Garden Finale

We harvested the last of the veggies from our garden yesterday, pulled all of the plants out and raked over the plot. There were tons of unripened cherry tomatoes and a few immature cucumbers left. There were also a few green beans. We put the tomatoes in the window to see if they will ripen. It was a very productive garden and we are already looking forward to next year's.

Morning classes have gone well. Currently the kiddies are upstairs for lunch. My mom is our "lunch lady" during the week and the kids very much enjoy hot lunches everyday. I guess it beats bologna! LOL!

I ordered a cord of wood about a month ago and have already gone through about 3/4 of it. We have had fires in the pit almost every day. Sitting around the camp fire soothes me and I guess I have needed lots of soothing. I really like the guy I bought wood from, so it will be a pleasure to order again.

Better get some grading and such done during this time.

Peace everyone!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What Happens Next?

This morning Pre-K was working on sequencing. In his workbook it showed pictures and then asked, "What  will happen next?" One of the pictures was eggs in a nest, the eggs cracking, beaks poking out and then baby birds. Jordan pointed to the eggs in the nest and then to the eggs cracking. She asked him, "What will happen next?" and he said, "You make toast!"