Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer School Delay

We were originally going to start summer school on the 20th and then I changed it to the 27th because of our vacation. But now, we have family coming in from Georgia and Ohio so we will push it back until Wednesday, the 29th. 

All of our butterflies are gone. All eight that we placed into the habitat hatched and all flew away. My kids almost learned a very hard lesson when the last one was turned loose and a bird swooped in and came within inches of snapping it right up as soon as James let it go. I was thinking, "Oh great, the cycle of life from start to the very end!" We will definitely order more caterpillars to do this again.

I am in need of one more school of ours was damaged and I am hoping to replace it. One of the local charted schools is closing for good and I heard they are selling everything. I will try to contact them this week.