Friday, August 30, 2013

First Week = Success!

We had a very pleasant first week. A good start to what I hope to be a great year. We are still reviewing last years skills, but we did start a new music theory class as the plan is to learn the piano and recorder this year. They are all very excited.

Next week, Pre-K and 10th grade start (although she may be doing school on the fly as my dear friend may need some help. She is a brand new homeschooler this year!)

We don't have any big plans for the weekend, but we are looking forward to the 3 days.

Happy Weekend, All!

Monday, August 26, 2013

First Day 2013/2014

We had a great first day of school. We had a late start, but it's all good because we had some organizing to do which was nice way to start. This year we are doing "self grading" for the day and it was interesting what grade everyone gave to themselves. I am working on school i.d.'s and still don't have a student body picture as Jordan and Joshua don't start until after Labor Day.

Hope you had a good start for those that started.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Orientation & First Day

I am back up and running. Orientation cards will go out today in the "fake mail" :) We have Entertaining Angels tomorrow and then will have orientation on Thursday. My new laptop does not have some of the same programs that my old one did, so I will have to use something else for school i.d's and class schedules. I just this minute won a bid for 3rd grades curriculum! Yipee! The kids say they are excited and ready... in fact, last night Jackson and Jeanna got their school uniforms out and ready with socks and undies. LOL! 

First day of school for elementary minus pre-k is Monday, August 26th with High School and Pre-k starting after Labor Day.  

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Traveling Teen and First Day Delay

Jordan came back from camp stating that she actually had a fantastic time! I guess after the initial homesickness things turned around. They went to a Christian Concert and she got a signed T-shirt and c.d. from the artist.

We decided to do a short road trip just for fun and drove 2 1/2 hours south. I had booked a suite at a H*liday Inn with a H*lidome and the kids were excited to swim and relax. The bonus surprise was that my brother was going to meet us there and introduce us to his new puppy, a beautiful Alaskan Husky with the most crystal blue eyes. Also, if you remember The Kidnapping, you know that Jordan had been surprised with trips with her uncle in the past. Well this was another planned "kidnapping" and she was again surprised. He took her out for a very nice dinner and then they had a great weekend with shopping, playing video games and then to Kings Island for the day. She had a BLAST! She is staying to go to the marathon this weekend in Cincinnati and will return on Sunday.

As seems to be the issues will delay school. My laptop has been dying for 6 months and I kept doing small repairs to try to keep it running, but now the processor died so it was cheaper to buy a new laptop. Due to my eyesight, I had to have a machine built to accommodate my vision needs so it will not be ready until this coming Friday. I will have about a few days to finalize schedules and we will start middle of next week. The kids say that they are ready. I am too.


Thursday, August 8, 2013

BBBBBoys With Multiple Bees

Last night the boys were on the back of the property watching James cut down some overgrown branches off of the fence when James hit a hive and boy oh boy did those bees swarm out. Jack got hit first with 3 stings. He came running and I was yelling for him to strip because I could see them on his backside. Then James starting yelling and running, followed by the baby (Joshua who will be 5 yrs old next week but will eternally be the baby :). I am yelling for Jordan to come help me and trying to get the bees and clothes off of the boys. The dog starts trying to help the boys as they are crying and ends of getting stung. I finally get them all in the house and into the tub where I start scrapping with a W*lm*rt gift card to remove stingers. Jordan starts dosing out the *B*nadryl and we start making ice packs. I was gonna load them all up to take to the E.R., but really most of the stings did not have stingers... I guess they were warning "taps". I ended having to call the after-hours vet as my modem died and I did not have "Dr. Google" to help me. LOL!

After a cool bath and loads of antihistamine, everyone slept well and woke up fine in the morning.