Monday, January 23, 2012

Spell the Word: F-I-R-S-T-P-L-A-C-E

Our home school group had their annual spelling bee on Friday and Jackson and Jordan won 1st place in their groups!! James placed 3rd in his group and Jeanna received a "participant" ribbon. It was so exciting because Jackson was the smallest (not sure if he was the youngest, but I know he was younger than most of the others in his group) and he was so confident. All the parents were so gracious in clapping as it got down to the last two boys and when he won, people were shouting, "Way to go, Jackson!" and shaking his hand as he walked from the platform down to where I was sitting. Jordan and her component did so well and you could tell they had both studied long and hard. Jordan said the little girl had told her at some point, "You know this is gonna take all night 'cause I'm am not gonna loose" LOL! It was funny because all of the words that had Jordan worried like turquoise and atmospheric were words that the other girl kept getting. In the end, the moderator used every word on the list and the girls tied for 1st place. I thought it was going to go on forever because her group had over 500 words on their list.

It was great fun and I am proud of them all. The pictures I took were horrible as the lighting was not great. I was also holding a wiggly 3 years old who clapped long and hard for each child ~Smile~