Wednesday, October 19, 2011

They Came!!!

The little kid's passports came. Whew!!! I was worried. So I am officially packing for 5 and my foster daughter is happy to see her clothes being packed with ours instead of in a different suitcase like last year when she had to go to respite care. It was not a pleasant experience for anyone involved.

The dog is leaving tomorrow. 8th grade is very sad and worried that her "baby" won't make it back safely. He is going out of town with extended family. Last year we came back to a $430 vet bill for boarding. I could not do that again, so my Auntie offered to keep him.

School is wrapping up nicely. I don't think I mentioned it, but my lovelies were fooling around and knocked my laptop off of my desk, breaking the cord, so I have not been able to record grades or attendance for 2 days and have not been able to print out the vacation homework as it was downloaded to the big laptop which has all my school stuff on it. (I am blessed to have and be currently using my Mini) I did find a replacement cord on E-bay for under $8. I called HP to price a replacement and the guy told me $117. I burst out laughing on the phone and thanked him very much for his time. My new cord should be here tomorrow or Friday. Jordan was so cute as she offered me 1 dollar right away. She said, "Sorry, Mommy. I will help replace it, but all I have is this $1 right now." I told her that I would put it on her tab. LOL!