Saturday, June 18, 2011

1 Painted Lady Gone

One of our caterpillar cocoons hatched and was ready to leave today. It was so neat! Jordan was like, "we made a butterfly!" LOL! There are 7 more cocoons hanging.

Our respite kid left today! Whew!!! She really acted out today as she knew she was leaving. So sad because she really could have had a better time if she would have just let go of the rude and negative behaviors. I it was good for my kids to see again the importance of being kind to those around you.

We went to the Pow Wow today! It was beautiful! I cried during the opening ceremony as I do every year. It was so hot that we could not stay for too long. I had bananas and water for the kids and 2 of them still got sun sick. Jordan took a great video of one of the dances. As soon as I figure out how to crop the video, I will try to post it.