Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer Session

We start tomorrow. The three kids are very excited and spent about 1 hour sharpening pencils and organizing their backpacks. Jordan is with her Auntie Moni being a "mommy's helper" so she will not start until maybe Tuesday.

Here is an example of a summer schedule. I did not set times this year, but ask that all work be completed by 3 pm. Each student has 3 things that they are working on this summer and they can do it in whatever order works best... the schedule is mainly a guide. 


We don't have school on Thursdays as we will be going to my friend's home to help out following her surgery. 

Entertaining Angels was super busy this past Wednesday! We served 22 families with 7 of them being new referrals. At 1 point we had a line 6 people long waiting. We could not restock fast enough. 

On Thursday we were invited to a friends home to swim and I had a chance to work with the baby again on turning himself onto his back if he were to fall in the pool. It was a very nice time... I think I enjoyed it more than the kids.