Sunday, August 5, 2012

Testing 1, 2, 3

My father has close friends whose grandson was killed in a house fire last week. So very sad as it is reported that the child ran back into his bedroom to hide instead of getting out of the home.

I have mentioned this before. It is important to me. Please check your smoke, fire and CO detectors.  Change the batteries at whatever interval you like...even if the old battery still works. Test you detectors often and then the most important, plan and practice escape routes.

I run practices day and night. During daytime practices, I sometimes have the children wear coats/jackets zipped up and on backwards with the hood up to simulate the darkness, the heat and the disorientation. Teach alternate routes. Practice crawling and feeling for heat. We asked our neighbor if their porch could be our meeting place.

My children STRONGLY DETEST middle of the night drills, but I believe those are the ones that need to be practiced the most.