Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Walk

Jackson is studying the use of the 5 senses in his Science class and he had to write a short essay on what he sees on his way to school. Some of the things they suggested that he could look for were clouds, planes, squirrels and nature. Well, seeing that his walk to school usually consist of walking through the kitchen to the basement steps, there was no chance that he would see any of the suggestions. So this morning the kids decided to really walk to school. They were cracking up at the route that they would take. They walked out of the front door, down the walkway for about 3 1/2 meters, west about 4 meters on the sidewalk, north up the driveway for about 9 meters, to the side door..........

which was still locked!

Ha Ha!!!

But he did see a large truck, squirrels and the sky.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Middle of the Night and Laughing Alone

We had purchased an undergarment from the Mart of Wals for Jordan, but due to a miscommunication the wrong cup size was purchased. I had hung said undergarment back onto the hanger with plans to exchange it on Monday. I put it on the back of our love seat which sometimes becomes our catch-all. I have to admit a truth... we let our dog on our furniture. I add to that the fact that I keep the furniture covered with sheets because of this. So the dog sleeps on the love seat.

I got up last night for a bathroom run and the dog jumped down from the love seat in a frantic way and followed me. I am half sleep and mumble for him to go get back on his chair and he just goes from bedroom door to bedroom door as if he is searching for his kids. I keep telling him to go back to bed. Now I am fully awake and go to the couch where the dog follows me and tries to get up with me. I am completely annoyed and just give in to letting him get on the couch (which is not usually allowed). He jumps up in my lap and is whimpering. I reach for him and feel in the dark the bra with the hanger still attached wrapped around his neck. I quickly pull it off and he is so relieved. I pet him and apologize for the attacking undergarment and then I burst out laughing, in the dark, by myself!

**no animals or undergarments were harmed in the participation of this event.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Monsoons Season and a Handful of Beans

We have had so much rain in the last 4 days that our backyard looks like a pond. The whole thing is wet. It will be a while until they can run back there... it tends to be a wet place anyway. I am hoping for the promised sunshine for this Sunday so that I can get back out to the fire pit. Over spring break I started out with daily trips to my favorite past time.

Yesterday, from the freezer we ate the last handful of string beans from our garden. We still have dehydrated onions, but the freezer storage is depleted. They still tasted just as fresh as they did off the vine. We have been talking about and planning for this years garden. Lots of ideas for our favorites.

School has become a bit of a drudge, so I am trying something new for us. For a time, we will school 3 weeks on and 1 week off. One of my FB friends talked about how this works for her family and we really need a change. So we will try this to see how we feel. I am pleased to have the opportunity to make changes and adjust things... we are not cemented to what we think we have to do, but free to try new things.


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Thank You

Yesterday was a great day for Jordan. I wanted to do something different for her so I sent out this email:

Hi all,
On April 1st, Jordan will have her 15th birthday! Jordan has always loved birthday cards and in fact, still has birthday cards that were given to her for her 2nd birthday ~Smile~
For her birthday this year, I thought it would be fun to get as many people as possible to send her a birthday card. If you are able to, would you please send a card to:
If you have other trusted friends that you know that are "card senders", please feel free to ask them as well. I appreciate it and wish you....

It was wonderful. So many of our friends and family sent her cards and surprised her with gifts. She is such a girly girl so every sparkly, ribbony, glittery, dangly card or gift brought squeals of delight which had us all laughing. Thank you every one. I am so blessed to have good friends, near and far, that would do such a thoughtful thing for my kid.

Monday, April 1, 2013


No words!!!!

Happy Birthday, Kid!