Thursday, April 11, 2013

Monsoons Season and a Handful of Beans

We have had so much rain in the last 4 days that our backyard looks like a pond. The whole thing is wet. It will be a while until they can run back there... it tends to be a wet place anyway. I am hoping for the promised sunshine for this Sunday so that I can get back out to the fire pit. Over spring break I started out with daily trips to my favorite past time.

Yesterday, from the freezer we ate the last handful of string beans from our garden. We still have dehydrated onions, but the freezer storage is depleted. They still tasted just as fresh as they did off the vine. We have been talking about and planning for this years garden. Lots of ideas for our favorites.

School has become a bit of a drudge, so I am trying something new for us. For a time, we will school 3 weeks on and 1 week off. One of my FB friends talked about how this works for her family and we really need a change. So we will try this to see how we feel. I am pleased to have the opportunity to make changes and adjust things... we are not cemented to what we think we have to do, but free to try new things.



Fatcat said...

Doing a little flexing ... been there, done that. It does help to change it around a little, maybe not as often as I do though. :-P

Christie Minich said...

We could use your rain!
This time of year is so hard to focus in home schooling!

2 of the girls have finished history for the year. One has two more lessons and one has about 30. LOL
(guess which one!)
One is ready to start a new math book, and they have all started some 9th grade reading and spelling... except Alli who just started a new spelling book.

We are never normal around here!
"What grade are you in?" Who knows!

Hevel said...

The idea of 4 weeks of regular home schooling and 1 week of hands on, non-regular one is appealing to me. That is how my younger kids' gan operates.