Saturday, June 30, 2012

Yard Sale and Tales of Survival

We have been crazy busy. Not sure if I mentioned it but my dearest friend has cancer and recently had surgery. She lives about 1 hour away and we have been driving back and forth to help with household and babies. I love that we can help. This last week, we were able to spend the night with them which allowed Jordan to do some of the night feeding. Jordan is very good with taking care of babies.

Today we had a small yard sale where we charged $1 for almost everything, big or small. It was very slow at first and I was a little worried. My neighbor across the street had planned one too. She said she had advertised on Cr*igslist and at both ends of our street, so I thought that would bring a pretty good crowd. We both were out by 7 am trying to catch the "early birds" but we sat for 1 1/2 hours without 1 stop. We were both talking about not wanting to drag all of that stuff back into our home.~Smile~ Finally, people started stopping around 8:45 am, but not really buying. We started making sales around noon and ended up doing pretty well. Got rid of some big items that were taking up too much space.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer Session

We start tomorrow. The three kids are very excited and spent about 1 hour sharpening pencils and organizing their backpacks. Jordan is with her Auntie Moni being a "mommy's helper" so she will not start until maybe Tuesday.

Here is an example of a summer schedule. I did not set times this year, but ask that all work be completed by 3 pm. Each student has 3 things that they are working on this summer and they can do it in whatever order works best... the schedule is mainly a guide. 


We don't have school on Thursdays as we will be going to my friend's home to help out following her surgery. 

Entertaining Angels was super busy this past Wednesday! We served 22 families with 7 of them being new referrals. At 1 point we had a line 6 people long waiting. We could not restock fast enough. 

On Thursday we were invited to a friends home to swim and I had a chance to work with the baby again on turning himself onto his back if he were to fall in the pool. It was a very nice time... I think I enjoyed it more than the kids. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Preschool Picks

My preschooler's new favorite books are the Scanimation Picture Books by Rufus Butler Seder. Last week at the library we read, 
Gallop!: A Scanimation Picture Book (Scanimation Books)

and then we borrowed:

Swing!: A Scanimation Picture Book

They are very cool books as the pictures "move" when you turn the page. Tomorrow is library day and the summer shows have started. I am looking forward to tomorrow as the marionettes are a favorite. Tomorrow is also Entertaining Angels day. Looking forward to that too. 

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Middle school graduate! She wore my gown from my Masters  graduation. LOL!

First Grade to Second Grade. 

Monday, June 4, 2012

Last Week

We will end the 2011/2012 school year on Thursday and have our promotion and graduation ceremony on Friday.

I almost have all of this summer's stuff ready. Jordan will focus on essay and report writing along with an introduction to chemistry and biology as she prepares to enter High School. James will focus on reading, multiplication and sentence structure. Jackson and Jeanna will work on writing, reading and math. I am thinking a start date of June 25th, but that depends on our big camping trip.

4 days!