Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fiber Optic Yuck!

Jordan came out after being in bed for an hour to tell me that her ear hurt and that she felt like she had a bug in there. I got out my optical scope and sure enough..there was some unidentifiable something in there. She tends to be kinda waxy in the ears anyway, but this did look different. I tried some warm water, but nothing came out and she said that it hurt very much, so my Mom came over and took her to E.R. We await to see what they find. I have always teased her about growing potatoes and corn in those ears. LOL! It seems she may actually have something to harvest.


Jordan's ear was impacted with wax. Her ear wax was a dark red/maroon colored wax that the doctor noted as being "normal in color".  I have looked in those ears for years and have never seen anything that color, but I guess I'll take the Dr's word on this one. She was given a solution to soften the wax and something for pain. When she came home her ear was bright red from all the digging. She was not happy, but will live. Nothing living or past living was found (even tho' she thinks she still feels something in there). It of course did not help that she came home, got ready for bed again and found a spider on her wall. It was a long night. ~Smile~