Monday, July 25, 2011

Splash Pad & Amber Alerts

This morning I was watching the news and thought I saw an amber alert for a child that was a foster child in my home last year. ~Sigh~

We finally made it to the splash pad at a local county park. Fun! Of course I did not have my camera. We went pretty early in the morning and there were 2 large daycare type groups with younger children (about 30  3 - 5 yrs old).  One of the teachers stood at the edge and started looking around the play area with a very worried look on her face. Another teacher came up to her and they tried to figure out the last time they had seen "him". Rut-Roh! I was having an internal dialog hoping they would contact security to shut the park down. Every minute that they spent looking around, counting and re-counting kids made me wish they would say something out loud because if the little guy was missing, the more time that passed the farther away he could get. After about 12 minutes they found him. Whew! The look of relief on their faces... and of course he did not know he was lost.