Friday, February 8, 2013

Spelling Bee A-No-Go

Today was supposed to be the spelling bee, but with the weather forecast, the coordinator sent out an e-mail saying that it may be cancelled if the storm was as bad as predicted. It was not, but some families, including ours, decided not to go out. Actually, the kids were not that disappointed. I think no one really wanted to go out. Next year.

On a sad note, the little girl that I have been doing emergency respite for is losing her placement. The foster parent has asked for her to be moved and this weekend, she was placed in a residential facility. She had only been in that home since just before Christmas and has spent 3-4 of those weekends at my home. My kids are upset and were crying that she could not stay here. I just don't have the room.  big sigh....

Tomorrow is the church Valentine party.