Monday, September 3, 2012

The Kidnapping

My brother came from KY to attend the party and was then planning to go to Canada for a little get-away. He ask if he could take Jordan as a surprise and I thought that would be cool. I packed her a bag the night before and pulled out her passport. The kids thought that "Uncle" had left to go home and were sad at his short visit. He had brought a friend home with him and came back in the house to fuss at Jordan for not saying good-bye to Ms. R. She went out to the car to say good-bye and he pushed her in the car and took off driving. She thought it was a big joke and that he was just going around the block. When they got on the highway, she said she was a little nervous, but she knows that Uncle would never hurt her, so when I called she said, "Uncle got me and I don't know where we're going." She said that she then thought they were going out to dinner in the next town, so fell asleep in the back seat. When she woke up later, she was at the Canadian border patrol. When my brother pulled out her passport she said she was so surprised.

She had a BALL!!! They shopped and ate and stayed at a very expensive hotel. She swam and rented a movie and had a king sized bed all to herself. When she saw her suitcase she said she was worried about what I would have packed. (we have a difference of opinion as to what is modest and acceptable clothing) She was surprised that I packed some of her favorite outfits.

All and all it was a great experience for her and gave me a chance to clean that bedroom of hers..."ha ha ha" she says with a smile...