Friday, December 16, 2011

The Solution

Jeanna still cries most mornings as she does not want to go to PS. Today was the last day before winter break so Jordan went in to get her a few minutes early and found her in art class with a room full of 1st graders running WILD! When the kids saw Jordan, they came up and started tattle-telling on things Jeanna had done to them. Jordan said she told each child how sad that was and just listened. When my girls got to the car, Jordan told me what happened and I asked Jeanna how she felt about her friends telling on her? She said, "Sad." I asked what we could do to make everyone feel safer and she said, "Don't send me to that school no more!" ROFL!!!!

A girl with a plan.

We are getting ready for the spelling bee that our home school group is having in January. Each day the gang has been practicing, writing and quizzing each other. Even the baby is walking around chanting, "Spell the word slkgjshgovi?" We all laugh at his made up word.

We are very delayed in preparing and decorating for Christmas. We did find a family to adopt this year and we are excited as they are family that has very little and their Family Advocate says they would be very appreciative of any help. My kids have started their Dollar Store shopping list and we hope to get their shopping done within the next 3 days.