Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Big HP is Up

My cord finally came so I have my big 17" screen back. My eyes are cheering because that 10" screen on the Mini was challenging.

Well, I made a Blurb book and it was interesting. I think it will be a nice gift to my kids.

We met the person that will be doing respite care for my 3 year old while we go on vacation.  While I am sure he will be fine, it is hard to think about leaving him for 3 weeks.

I am still waiting for the passport office to send back the original travel orders, but other than that I think we have everything in order. I still have to pack a few more things....mostly toiletry type things.

We will be ready to close down school by Wednesday. 8 th grade is caught up past vacation and 1st grade will be also as soon as he takes his end book test.