Thursday, August 8, 2013

BBBBBoys With Multiple Bees

Last night the boys were on the back of the property watching James cut down some overgrown branches off of the fence when James hit a hive and boy oh boy did those bees swarm out. Jack got hit first with 3 stings. He came running and I was yelling for him to strip because I could see them on his backside. Then James starting yelling and running, followed by the baby (Joshua who will be 5 yrs old next week but will eternally be the baby :). I am yelling for Jordan to come help me and trying to get the bees and clothes off of the boys. The dog starts trying to help the boys as they are crying and ends of getting stung. I finally get them all in the house and into the tub where I start scrapping with a W*lm*rt gift card to remove stingers. Jordan starts dosing out the *B*nadryl and we start making ice packs. I was gonna load them all up to take to the E.R., but really most of the stings did not have stingers... I guess they were warning "taps". I ended having to call the after-hours vet as my modem died and I did not have "Dr. Google" to help me. LOL!

After a cool bath and loads of antihistamine, everyone slept well and woke up fine in the morning.