Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Way It Is

This is not related to homeschooling.

We do not have central air, but instead use window units and I have one of those portable room air conditioners that needs to be vented out of a window for the living room. The venting system uses an adjustable track that fits into any size window and it has two holes that the intake and output hoses fit into. Those hoses have fittings that have never fit just right and every year it seems to take more and more duct tape to keep them in the track. This year I spared no duct tape and I wrapped those suckers but good. Jordan teased me all summer about the "ghetto hook up". Believe it or not, they still occasionally fell out!

Today, James and I took the track out of the window and proceeded to unwrap miles and miles of duct tape. One of the hose fittings came out easily. The other just WOULD.NOT.COME.OUT!!! Couldn't keep it in all summer...couldn't get it out this fall. Just the way it is I guess.