Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Conversations With a Childless Uncle

This may have only been funny to me as I am fascinated at how fascinated my brother is about life in the house with my kids. My brother is unmarried and has no children. He used to travel home about twice a month and then would see us for 4 weeks on family vacation. He often says being an uncle is like being in the Reserves: 2 weekends a month and 4 weeks a year. Today is my "little" brother's birthday and I let Jordan call him this morning at about 6:50 to wish  him a "Happy Birthday". When she was done she passed the phone to Jackson who talks very softly on the phone, so before he could pass it on to the other 3 kids who also are still learning to talk clearly on the phone, I just had them do a collective, "Happy birthday, Uncle!" Later I e-mailed him and this was the conversation:

Subject: Happy Birthday

My gift to you this morning was to not let the kids pass the phone one by one to each other to mumble conversations to you! Ha! Also...did you get my message about dad's gift to you?

LOL thanks for only letting 2 kids on the phone.  No I didn’t get your message about dad.

Dad sent a b-day gift to your house to be delivered by noon today. I was like, "um, Dad...he will be at work" and he was like, "oh?!??"

Oh yeah I got that message.  Yeah I guess you guys will never understand that some of us work.  It’s not easy being green!

Oh I get it. I choose not to live that lifestyle. LOL LOL! But to each his own. ~Smile~

I was surprised that your kids were up so early.  I always see them on sleep in til 9 am days.

The 1st school bell rings at 8:15 and the tardy bell at 8:20 so they get up between 6:30 and 6:45 a.m.

 I get up around 5:15 to get to work at 6 am and I have to drive 6 miles.  What on earth do they do from 7am – 8:15?

5 kids, 1 bathroom, 1 crazy dog begging for food and water, 1 kid who wet and or pooped her bed, 2 boys helping with changing bed, running bath water, getting pee pee stuff to the washer, 1 toddler begging for juice, 'sear-di-o's" and milk. Dog barking to go barking to come in...Lather, rinse, repeat. 1 teen laying on the floor complaining about having to get up, complaining about having to wait in line for bathroom, us not having the right kind of cereal, and somebody looking at her. Breakfast. Some of the dishes get put in the dishwasher, but heaven forbid they all make it in there...that would just be too right. Mom fusses. 5 kids brushing teeth, somebody spits on somebody else "accidentally" pretty much every day. 5 people washing face. 1 kid who had a bath, washed face and still managed to have last night’s dinner and today’s toothpaste still on her face gets help from a boy to wash her face...said boy does not wring out wash cloth all of the way and drips water down her clothes...she needs a new shirt. 4 kids gets dressed, 1 toddler walks around naked cause he refuses to put his underwear on by himself. 1 girl gets hair done, 1 teenager stands in the mirror for 40 minutes adjusting hair and make-up which mommy then makes her wash off. 2 boys set up school. School bell rings. It really goes quite fast.

So it’s pretty quiet around there in the morning?

ROFL!! Yes...silent like a museum. LOL

You forgot

Toddler saying over and over and over and over
“Pay da dotor boyz!”

Yep...that's why he's single. ~Smile~