Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It Has Been Nice

We are having a nice time. Getting through security was the easiest yet! My foster child (whom we will now refer to as "Jeanna") had a bit of a panic thing when they told her to take her shoes and backpack off and then put them on the belt to disappear into the black hole. LOL! But Jordan was very sweet with her and showed her that her things came out on the other side.

The flight was awesome and the kids received tons of compliaments because of their great behavior. It was a pleasure to fly with them. The new airport in Nassau is.....ummm.... interestingly not completed, but customs was extremely easy.

As it is with every new child, it is fun to see Jeanna experience new things. She loves the beach and swimming.



Fatcat said...

I'm glad she got to go with you. I hope one of these years I get to go with you. :-P

:)De said...

you are invited!

Miss Kim said...

Have ton's of fun, sun, sand and enjoy. Blessings on you all.