Thursday, November 3, 2011

Girl Speak

We met a new family this year from Quebec, Canada. While the mother does speak a very small amount of English, the rest of the family only speaks French. They have 2 little girls who decided before they came to try to learn a few English phrases. Jordan has been in girl power mode and so happy to have someone to play with again this year. She is learning so many French words, but mostly they play, swim and giggle together. Little girls giggling together is an International language!


Miss Kim said...

So happy for Jordan.

Wanted to notify you all that Miss Linda's mother passed yesterday around 12:00pm, Linda was with her. I sent your mom an email on AOL...hope she got it.

Be well, be blessed, be safe. Enjoy the sun, fun, giggles, and family.
Love you all.

:)De said...

Miss Kim, Tell Ms. Linda that I am so very sorry. We are praying for her.