Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Walk

Jackson is studying the use of the 5 senses in his Science class and he had to write a short essay on what he sees on his way to school. Some of the things they suggested that he could look for were clouds, planes, squirrels and nature. Well, seeing that his walk to school usually consist of walking through the kitchen to the basement steps, there was no chance that he would see any of the suggestions. So this morning the kids decided to really walk to school. They were cracking up at the route that they would take. They walked out of the front door, down the walkway for about 3 1/2 meters, west about 4 meters on the sidewalk, north up the driveway for about 9 meters, to the side door..........

which was still locked!

Ha Ha!!!

But he did see a large truck, squirrels and the sky.

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