Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happy May Day! & Belated Birthday Post

Happy May Day! As a child, my mother always cheerfully greeted me on May 1st with this. My mother greets everyone, everyday with a 'happy, it's-a-great/beautiful-day greeting', but she particularly likes May 1st. If I had planned ahead, we may have done a May Pole, but last night was rough.

I have not had internet since early Monday, so I missed doing a birthday post for Jackson. Monday, was his birthday.  He is 9 years old and the happiest boy...grinnin' and cheesin' from ear to ear for days! All he wanted was 1 matchb*x car for his birthday. He is the easiest kid to shop for because he is thrilled with anything you give him. Not only did he get 5 new matchb*x cars, but he got a much needed big boy bike! There is a lady at our church that shares a birth date with him. They call each other "Birthday Buddies". She is in her early 80's. He was telling her about a m*nster truck car that he wanted and asked her if she would like one too for her birthday. She told him that she didn't even know what that was. LOL!


Happy Birthday, Kid!

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Auntie Kim said...

Happy MAY DAY!!!!!
Hope Jackson had a fantatic birthday!
Glad you have your internet back!
Love you all!