Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Surprise Vacation

We will be leaving for a surprise vacation and it has been so hard to keep from the children. I have been doing laundry for the last few days as normal, but pulling items out bit by bit to put aside for packing. No one noticed until today when 7th grade said, "Hey kinda looks like you are packing or something.  Are we going somewhere?" I started asking about chores and she exited stage left with a quickness. LOL!

We did Entertaining Angels again today and had so much fun. We served 3 new families. One was a mom with 10 children! She basically cleaned us out. My kids made a big sign and put it outside and stood out there waving trying to get more people to come in, but mostly just got stares. We will have to do another big shop when we come back.

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Fatcat said...

Cool about the surprise vacation. I want to go too!

I like your new background.