Friday, April 15, 2011

Full House

We have had a full house this week with Jordan co-babysitting  a 12 week old and I got an emergency respite placement Monday evening. What a little manipulator we met. I had to laugh at some of her ploys and had to crack up at the response that my kids had to her behavior. They had a "does that really work?" look on their faces and then when I stayed consistent they had the "Now you know what we have to deal with" look. LOL!!!

Overall, she fell in with the group pretty quick. She seemed to enjoy school here and really liked working at the food bank. I love the lady that runs the food bank as I brought in a extra kid in a Rotties shirt and the lady just put her right to work, stocking shelves and packing orders.

I was suppose to have a yard sell this weekend, but the weather was not so conducive, so another time.

Have a great weekend.

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J. said...

busy, busy! I always like it when my boys can see what other kids think they can get away wiht, it is a good way to learn about their own beahviour