Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New Stuff!

My new dishwasher came yesterday and I am very excited. It has been awhile since we had one. My last 1 broke down, cost as much to repair as it would have been to buy new and besides, I had enough kids of dish washing age in the home, so I just delayed buying a new one. But... the time has come and I am excited and so far, have not even let those critters load it yet ( I really don't mind loading it, just unloading is not my favorite.)
The installers asked the typical questions, "You kids don't have school today?" and they explained that they are home schooled and he just said, "Huh!?!" Not one comment about socialization. I was shocked and ready.

OK.. I have a huge family decision to make. Prayers appreciated.


Lisa said...

They're coming your way!

Life Adapted said...

Praying!! I just love reading your blog, you know. Someday I hope we can tell stories in person. If ever you're in NJ...

Be blessed!

Miss Kim said...

Did you want me to save my dirty dishes up to take a bath in your new dishwasher? I can bring them over and I will come unload them when they are clean.

Don't know what the family decision is but I am praying for God's guidence.

Congrat's to the children on all their accomplishments..and to you too, teacher, aka mom.

Love you all.