Monday, February 28, 2011


I have already started looking for curriculum for summer school. I think I want to focus only on writing this summer. I have looked at the "Lea.rn to Wr.ite the No.vel W*y", but I am not sure it will work for all levels. Any other good recommendations? I have a beginning reader, an emerging reader and a fluent reader. I think I want to work on story writing, maybe some character development and definitely sentence/paragraph structuring.

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Fatcat said...

We tried that one you mentioned last year and it didn't work well for us. I wouldn't recommend it. As for what I would recommend, I have no idea. My 3 are doing One Year Adventure Novel this year and they like it, but they are middle schoolers and high schoolers, so your youngest is still too young for this, I would think.

What about doing a bit of notebooking?