Thursday, February 24, 2011

An Emergency Call to Service

We were in class today with plans to have a whole day of staying in and getting lots of school done. This month has been so full of appointments and outings, so today was going to be the one. We were working on Haiku poetry when a call came from our local food bank. 10 orders had come in all at once and the other volunteers were not coming in today. We live literally 100 feet from the church so we were there in under 20 minutes. It was crazy busy and the kids did a great job. They divided the work and really had fun serving.

About 6 months ago I reconnected with a friend who was pregnant and who mentioned that she wished I could provide childcare for her. I told her that we should think about it and left it at that. In the meantime, the 2 new foster children have come and my quiver is full (for me). She called 2 days ago to let me know that she had the baby and really wanted me to provide childcare. I had to tell her that I thought I was at my max. I hung up and felt so sad about it.

So today as I was at the food bank, in walks N (just  a kawinkydink) with the newborn and she hands him right to me. Oh he was beautiful and smelled just like a delicious newborn should and and and... I know it would be too much. But man oh man would I love to have him in my arms everyday. Of course, Jordan was whispering in my ear the whole time, "Mommy we could do it!", "I will help you.", "Oh Mommy, he is so sweet and precious!" I kept swatting her away like a bee buzzing in my ear. LOL!  When it was time to go, I put him back into his carseat with an, "I don't think I can." on my lips, but a "How can I work this out?" on my heart.

Anyway, A good busy day with very little school work completed.

Oh, but James did finish his Haiku:

the rain is splashing
wet drops fall from the gray sky
the ground is soggy

How about that!


Anonymous said...

your mother told me to tell you just say NO!! Guess who

Annie said...

That's what I loved about homeschooling, actually - that we could be open t servie. My kids were actually homeschooled AT the church, while I was working there, so the whole staff knew they were "on call". I thought that was very enriching, really. Did you read any of the Moores' books on homeschooling? They advice, if I recall correctly, that a child's education should be divided equally between academic work, volunteer work, and productive labor. I counted their helping me d my job [even though it was at church] as the productive labor part, since it did pay the bills.

Oh - isn't learning about child development educational? Everyone should know how to take care of a baby!

MOM #1 said...

I think I see some schedule changes in your immediate future. ;-)

It really sounds like a great day, much more exciting than staying in and getting a lot of schoolwork done.

Anonymous said...

You are an angel!

PS:Do you need a dishwasher or what?