Friday, March 4, 2011


It was a good and productive week.

Kindergarten is flying through addition and subtraction using a number line and I am noticing that he is learning some factors. He started addition with 10's this week and seems to do them without using his number line. He has mastered the pre-primer dolch list and has almost completed the primer list.

3rd grade is back to practicing his phonics daily as he is struggling again with reading. He is not confident in his skill and so will just glance at words instead of trying to break them down. In math, story problems are giving him the blues, but is working hard on multiplication. His pace is very slow, but his grades are all A's.

7th grade did alot of grading this week and improved many of her grades. She had a big poetry lesson from the book of Psalm and really picked up on symmetrical writing. She is planning to  be done with school early again this year which is fine by me. When I first started I aimed for the 180 per year, but soon let that go with the increase of daily living skills.

My other kindergartner is doing well. She likes going to school, but also likes staying home when her school is closed. I sometimes thinks she is torn between wanting to go to PS and staying home. She will often ask what we are going to be doing or where we are going while she is gone. She is bonding so very well....

My toddler is so very funny and extremely entertaining. His new thing is to do bilateral toe touches, but he does not cross over so I guess they are not really bilateral. But he loves to copy the olders and tries jumping jacks as well which is Hi-la-ri-ous!!!! He is very attached and loves my mom most of all.

No plans for the weekend.



Christine said...

Glad to hear things are going well. I don't know about you, but I am really loving homeschooling.

Miss Kim said...

Glad all is progressing.

Please pray for my mom to progress, she is a little discouraged and wants to be home.