Monday, March 1, 2010

Olympic Review

We loved the Olympics! We watched as much as possible. The boys loved curling, ski jumping and of course...snowboarding. That was a big hit. Some of my favorites were short track and bobsled. My 6th grader mostly liked the opening and closing ceremonies as she likes any kind of party. LOL!

I had purchased a PDF curriculum from CurrClick and we used just a bit of it, but mostly watched and read up on the sports we liked the best. All the kids learned to recognize flags from other countries which was neat to watch as Pre-K was usually the first to be able to name the flags. We used scores to determine greater than, less than and equal to for 2nd grade and just really enjoyed the whole event. Can't wait for the summer Olympics. (Still miffed a bit that Chicago did not get them...we would have so been there!)

On other review... 2nd grade is testing out of his units today and so far has received an 97% on Language Arts with 100% on the spelling test, a 100% on Bible and is studying at this moment for History and Geography. It is a tough one as it focuses on customs of other cultures regarding holidays. Poor kid don't stand a chance as we tend to not follow "traditional" customs ourselves. LOL!

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