Saturday, March 6, 2010

He's Here!!

In early February, this happened, so we have been looking for a puppy since then. Well, we found him and he is a sweet little boy. He is 12 weeks old today, very smart and very calm.

My first dog after collage was a black lab named: Tin* Turn*r

Next was, Di*na R*ss the Boss, my beautiful Rottie.

This male is looking for the name of a great country singer.


Mickey said...

He's cute. The first name that came to mind was Charlie Pride "Kiss an angel good morning..." I hope your find a good name that fits your new puppy. !!!I Love Puppy Kisses!!!!

Dana said...

Awww... too cute!! Love that face!
cant wait to hear his name! :o)

Miss Kim said...

Oh my goodness he is darling...I think he will be the best goddog I have every had! Course he is the first goddog I have ever had. Can't wait to meet him in dogson...(heee He person, dogson get it?) Enjoy, and congratulations! A new puppy is a wonderful thing. Little puppy teeth, puppy breath, awww