Tuesday, February 2, 2010


My cousin called me last Thursday and said she found a dog at the shelter that was really cute. She and her husband currently live in an apartment with their baby and cannot have a dog, but are planning to move to a house in the next few months. She was convinced that the dog would get adopted before they moved and she couldn't bare to leave the dog so she called me to ask if we were interested in the dog. Our beloved Rottweiler died last June, so we thought that maybe it was time to adopt another pet.

Being the homeschooler that I am, we researched the new breed, Googled images and called our vet (that we have known since 1989) to get her take on this breed and our family. All was a go, my cousin picked up the dog, e-mailed pictures, said she was so happy that the dog was going to a good home and told me that my aunt would bring the dog on Monday, February 1st.

We brought up our dog cage, scheduled a vet appointment and started the duty of voting on names. Sunday morning, just as I was walking out the door for church, my cousin called and said they had fallen in love with the dog and decided to keep it. My kids were crushed. How sad we all were. So now we are on the search for a dog for ourselves. We are looking for miniature Schnauzer that is less than 1 year old, but does not have to be a new puppy. I would prefer a male.

The dog that almost was.


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His Hands His Feet Today said...

Comments are turned on for the post above... but YEAH! for him!!!!

Miss Kim said...

This is one of the meanest things a cousin can do, or was it your Aunt...anyway I am hoping you can find another dog...my first dog was a schnauzer, Cookie, came to us Christmas during a blizard. The friends of our folks wanted to keep her too...but Dad drove with a neighbor in a truck in a storm and got her. I hope one comes to your house somehow, I will keep my eyes and ears open. I am so sorry. Esspecially for the kids.

MOM #1 said...

Torture! I'm so sorry your kiddos got deprived of that adorable doggy that almost was yours.

How coincidental, Mom #2 and I were out looking at miniature schnauzers last weekend. We saw an all black little male that was so cute! He just spent out entire visit giving me kisses. I cried all the way home when we had to leave him. I love dogs.

Mickey said...

Cute dog. I'm sure you will find another one that will fit even better than that one would have. Everything happens for a reason.