Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Matching Cases

We are working on matching upper and lower case letters so the pack of alphabet cards just "jumped" out of their pack and needed to be matched. Pre-K did a great job.

(pics are upside down, I did rotate the final one)

Every week Pre-K gets a new little reader that adds onto the high-frequency words that he knows. He now knows this whole list:
When I give him his new book, I usually read it to him first. I did not read this to him and he read it right off the bat!

Okay, so I tried to upload a video again using blogger, but it just will not work for me, so I used my Youtube account....

Ok...I know it's a little "MJish", but ya know...gotta protect my youngins!


MOM #1 said...

Oh, he is doing such a great job. I love watching littles learn to read. Its't it just the brightest light to go on ever?

Love little Prince Michael's mask.

Is that your voice at the end?

:)De said...

Mom #1, it is my voice.

The mask...I know... I really wanted to show you guys, but you know I am funny-actin' LOL!

Mickey said...

I like the way you set up the letters to match them up. I'm in the process of making a picture book for Princess so she can communicate better.