Friday, February 26, 2010

Week in Review

We had a goood week that was more settled than last week.

Pre-K is on book 15 of a 17 book series of pre-decodable books. He is loving reading and I have started copy work. I am starting to think about what to do for Kindergarten... I guess I am leaning towards using Alpha Omega's Lifepac although it is not "wowing" me at this time.

2nd grade will hopefully test out of unit 5 for all subjects except math. (we are behind again on math; for some reason, the math units have 5 sections while the others have 3, it catches us every time) He has decided that he wants to try Switched on Schoolhouse (SOS) next year. We will have to take a pretty quick typing course this summer.

6th grade is clipping along. She has lots of writing and research projects for several of her subjects that need to be caught up on in the next couple of weeks. 6th grade does not want to use SOS next year, but has not thought of an alternative. We are shopping and praying about it.

Some weekend schooling to catch up in 2nd grade.


Life Adapted said...

How did your Olympic segment go? We loved watching the Olympics together, but thought there was a lot of drama this year. My son gets Sports Illustrated and I have to say the issue with Linday V. in it went into the trash before he got home from school. Even the folks in the Polar Bear Club wear more clothes than she had on. I missed the Curling events which is my favorite - they must have been on during the day. Glad to hear you guys are doing so well, you all deserve an A+

Be blessed.

Miss Kim said...

Well I am suprized to hear that last week was unsettled....teee hee..not! It wouldn't have anything to do with a distractor being in the house would it? Happy to hear all are well and progressing in school and life quite nicely! Love and blessings to you all!