Thursday, August 21, 2014

Trying to start back up...

We had our orientation today. It is always fun to get new school supplies, new schedules and take pictures.

This year something new for us is that Jordan will be attending an online public school. She was unhappy with the curriculum we had been using and we searched and researched and prayed and sighed LOL until we decided to try this. She got her desktop in the mail and we set it up only to find out that it is not wireless. Of course, our modem is at the complete opposite end of the house and on the upstairs floor. So we are going out to buy a wireless adapter tomorrow. Oh yeah and believe it or not, they mailed her books and supplies, but we have misplaced them in my effort to put them up so that they would not get damaged before school. Seriously, we cannot find them anywhere. bigger sigh.

James is excited to have a new computer as his little sister stepped on his Mini that he left on the floor?!?!?

Jackson and Jeanna are both excited to be back in the school room. We have not been in the schoolroom since December, 2013 when Monica got sick.

Joshua is in Kindergarten this year and his smile is so big I'm afraid his face will break. His new books and supplies came and he is simply giddy.

I found a new homeschool group on Facebook that has been so supportive, I actually comment and interact.

We were planning to start August 25th, but now we may have to wait a week due to still taking care of my dad's estate.



15 minutes after hitting publish we found the school stuff in of all places, the school closet on the top shelf... in a safe place!


Annie said...

Wow! The year Anastasia did the online school we got so much stuff in the mail, that I don't think we could have found a closet big enough to hide it in!

She is going to enroll in LifeTech Academy this year; I'm really liking their flexible approach, which looks as though it will meet even HER needs!

Fatcat said...

Praying you have a good school year! I'm glad to see that you are getting started with school in your new normal. I know you've had a rough year and it's good to see you getting back into the school room and getting going on your routines. Take care of yourself and your sweeties~!