Sunday, August 31, 2014

In The Rain

We just kinda hung out today, relaxed, had church at home ( I woke up with such a crick in my neck, I could barely get into and out of the shower). In the afternoon we were sitting outside by the fire and I decided that I would let the kids tent out tonight. As soon as we laid out the tarp and spread out the tent a major downpour came out of nowhere. I mean it was just buckets. So we scrambled to roll the tent back up and just as the kids were gonna run into the house, I told them to strip off their soaking wet clothes and let them play in the rain in their undies. And they giggled and laughed with their heads back as they swung in the rain. It was so cute and I  just smiled at their glee.


Auntie Kim said...

Where they singing too?????? Sounds like a memory being made.

Auntie Kim said...
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