Monday, December 3, 2012

The Shepherd

In Pre-K I use Bible ABC Printables which uses a LOTW. Last week it was L and the story came from Luke 15. After hearing the story a couple of times, I asked him what the good shepherd does for the sheep and he said, "He gives them red grass and dry water." I corrected with "green grass and clean water" and he made the correction, but the very next time I asked, he went back to red grass and dry water.

I was his teacher last week as Jordan was not available, so when she ask him today what he had learned last week, he repeated, "He gives them red grass and dry water." I don't know why...but that is funny to us.


Fatcat said...

It's funny to me too. :-)

I miss having little ones around.

Hevel said...

LOL, it seriously is funny. My kids participated in some historic drama, where the prisoners in the Tower of London were fed "cold bread and dry water". We still laugh at that 3 years later!

:)De said...