Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Break

Since we did not go to Nassau this year, we will take a bit of a longer Christmas break this year. We have Entertaining Angels on the 19th of this month and will go right into break after the distribution. We will return to school in the new year on the 7th.

It looks like we will celebrate Christmas Eve at my mom's house this year and then come home for Christmas. We will have Dollar store gift exchange on Saturday, December 29th as my brother cannot make it home for Christmas Day this year due to work.

What are you doing for the holiday?


Hevel said...

Oh how fun! I liked long winter breaks as a kid! My kids are going back to school tomorrow (yes, Sunday) after a week off Chanukah. The weird thing is, most of them will only have Chanukah stuff with their classes as the last day is tomorrow... Sigh.

The dollar store gift exchange sounds really fun!

:)De said...

Hevel, As often is the case, I think I am looking forward to break more than the children. I do so much love to watch them live and experience the holidays.

What is your weather like? We have absolutely no snow and the kids are supposed to be getting sleds for Christmas. Yikes :)

Hevel said...

Oh, here we never have snow. We'd need freezing temperatures for that! Actually it's really cold compared to teh usual weather at 8°C. So far this winter is not nearly rainy enough. :(

Auntie Kim said...

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year.
Love you all.