Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Nana's World

You know the statement about grandparents not being the same people that raised you.... well that is my parents to the "T"! I don't know who these people are!!

Jordan has been over my mom's house since Friday to help mom out and as a birthday gift, Nana took her to the mall for new earrings. (I was okay with not going ~Smile~) This morning my mom and I had an appointment so I picked them up. I had 6 kids and they did such a great job that I thought about doing drive through for lunch. Jordan started mentioning all the places she wanted to go for drive through saying, "I am so tired of eating candy and pie and cookies and pop! I need some real food!" I burst out laughing 'cause in Nana's world they can watch  t.v. till their eyes fall out and eat candy, pie and ice cream until their tummies pop and drink all the soda their kidneys can handle and apparently after 4 days of that, my little sugar fiend was craving a salad and as she said, "I need some protein!" ROFL!!!


Fatcat said...

LoL! My mom lets my kids eat anything in her house too.

Miss Kim said...

: )