Thursday, February 16, 2012


Public school is closed for 1/2 day today (Thurs.) all of Friday and all Monday, so we could have a 4 day weekend. It is so tempting to take those days off, but we really want to take a nice long spring break and I know how we get when summer starts peeking around the corner. We may sleep in a bit tomorrow and then do just a short day. I have to get fingerprinted and get my TB test read. (Did I mention that we are in the process of adopting again?) I have not decided about Monday yet.

We had Entertaining Angels this week and had a great crowd and much fun. The boys usually stand outside with signs and try to bring in those that pass by. Last month they were so cold that we really doubled up on clothing this month. Jackson had long johns, turtle neck, his school uniform, a hooded sweatshirt and then his snow pants and coat. He had so many layers that he could hardly move and looked like the character from that movie, "Christmas Story". Also, after waddling around so much, his pants fell down inside his snow pants and we were cracking up. Needless to say...they were not cold at all this month.


Mike and Christie said...

Congratulations!!!!! How exciting!
We are taking off tomorrow for Family Camp. We will be back on Sunday and then probably do a 1/2 day of school on Monday. :)

Annie said...

Adopting! Super news! Your foster child? Hope so. I want to see her homeschooling with the rest of you!

Fatcat said...

Congratulations on adopting again. I think that is wonderful!

MOM #1 said...

Congratulations on your pending new addition!!!!