Sunday, February 19, 2012

Friday Field Trip

This week we took cardboard banana boxes to the recycling center and the kids had fun throwing boxes in the big dumpsters. They were laughing and cracking up and the other people were so seriously adding their materials. We then went to look at the fleet of trash trucks and saw the mounds were composting is taking place.

Free fun and good for the planet too.


Annie said...

You so such great things! I always got rather "fed-up" at the school field trips which invariably took the kids to a museum (thus ruining MY taking them to the museum) or to a play (thereby ruining our family trip to the play). I thought they should actually do LEARNING experiences! These are the sorts of things that you spend your life wondering about! What happens to the stuff you put in there????

As a child I LOVED the visit to the fire house. As an adult I got to visit the kitchen of one of the big dorms at MSU and it was FASCINATING to see how they make such huge amounts of food!

MOM #1 said...

Sounds like fun. Baby Boy's favorite field trip was to the city dump! He STILL likes to look at the cell phone video he took of the big trucks, LOL.