Friday, October 7, 2011

Road Trip

Today we drove about an hour to take the preschooler to a specialist for a follow-up appointment. The kids took school with them and got all set up in the waiting room to do their work, we were called back pretty fast and the doctor came in right away. He was in the room for about 2 minutes, 20 seconds, said everything looked good and told us to have a great day. He left, we left and made it back to the waiting room before one of the kids could even get their paper dated and labeled. LOL!

So we took a drive down a long 2 lane highway through hundreds of walnut trees to a little town called Walnut Hills. Beautiful and quaint. We had packed a lunch so I looked for a small park. The children really enjoyed their lunch. It was a wonderful day.

I think the 3 year old is completely potty trained. He stayed dry on the road trip and has been staying dry through the night. Next week we meet the foster parent that will be doing respite care for him while we are gone. It will be hard to leave him. Poor little dude.

The cleaning of the fridge will happen this weekend. Yippee!

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