Monday, October 10, 2011

Opportunity to Serve

We were in school this morning when the dog started barking at our neighbor. He was tangled up in his lead and when Jordan went to get him, she noticed that our neighbor was raking leaves. There were a lot of leaves. Jordan felt bad for her as she is in her 70's and raking alone. Jordan stated that she wished that she could help her. Problem is...our neighbor is not very warm and fuzzy. In fact she is quite prickly and kind of cantankerous at time. She became widowed about 1 1/2 years ago. He husband was the sweetest and nicest man you could meet. If the kids kicked or hit a ball into their yard and she got to it first, it was gone for good. If he was in the yard, he would smile and throw it back over.

I convinced Jordan to go out and offer to help her and we were all surprised when she said, "Yes"  So the kids went over and raked for about an hour and did 6 or 7 bags of leaves. She was very curious about their schooling and they learned a lot about her. It was a good opportunity.

On the vacation note, I cannot find enough rash guards for everyone. I have search E bay for 2 weeks. They are just not easy to come by. Oh, and my foster kid still does not have her passport and I talked to the worker today who forgot to pick up the paperwork needed. ~nervously biting my nails~

3 comments: said...

great that she let the kids help, a good lesson. Rash guards are on clearance at Lands End right now!

Fatcat said...

I was going to say Land's End as well. They go on clearance this time of year and they are so sturdy and well made.

I hope everything works out!

:)De said...

Thanks you two. I found just what I needed on Land's End. I sometimes get single-minded when it comes to shopping.